Video Conferencing & Unified Communications

Video Conferencing & Unified Communications

Videoconferencing SolutionsAs global barriers disappear, organizations need a way to effectively communicate with employees, clients, and resources in diverse and remote locations. Traditional phone and email communication has given way to video conferencing solutions that have been successfully integrated into unified environments with a significant impact on today’s modern workplace.

In a recent study published by renowned visual communication expert Jerome Bruner, it was reported that people remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read and about 80% of what they see and do.  Harnessing these natural human traits into a powerful communications medium is what video conferencing is all about.

Advantages of video communications:

  • Instant collaboration – face to face
  • Travel cost savings
  • Stronger working relationships
  • More efficient supply chains and reduced time to market
  • Faster, more informed decision making
  • Tele-working flexibility
  • Proven return on investment
  • Environmental responsibility

Collaboration for today’s modern organizations

Videoconferencing SolutionsMany of the clients we speak with have used older type videoconferencing solutions with limited or disappointing results.  Today’s video conferencing solutions have evolved to meet the needs of the contemporary workplace.  And leading organizations are choosing Advanced as their solutions partner.

Telepresence and professional high definition (HD) video systems bring video conferencing experiences to a new level.  When working with Advanced and our manufacturer partners such as Polycom, users can now enjoy video sessions with superb video quality as if they are in the same room with their correspondents, even when they are miles apart. Combined with the reduced cost and availability of high speed IP networks, video communications have entered a new era.

Advanced provides a complete range of video solutions from the ultimate in immersive telepresence to easily deployable room based systems and versatile mobile solutions. Best of all, our end to end expertise encompasses video endpoints, infrastructure, AV integration and a strong portfolio of managed service offerings – providing flexible solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.

An effective and reliable video communication solution can brings many possibilities to the business and deliver extra value at the same time. Read on to learn more about how Advanced can assist you with your video communication needs.

Videoconferencing Solutions

Videoconferencing has advanced significantly over the last few years. Picture quality, ease of use and reliability now make it a common business communication tool.  Our solutions enable teams to work together and interact seamlessly, regardless of location. The use of video by corporations, universities and government entities has become universally expected and provides many worthwhile benefits.

Advanced can help your organization figure out the best solution that matches your conferencing needs, whether you need a fully immersive solution across the enterprise, or a desktop-based solution for a remote workforce.

As an award winning supplier, integrator and managed services provider, we offer expert advice to businesses and organizations looking to:

  • Implement video conferencing for the first time
  • Add new video conferencing equipment and systems to an existing video network
  • Upgrade existing video conferencing hardware
  • Deploy video conferencing into an IP network

In addition, the collaboration solutions team at Advanced is experienced in the delivery of video infrastructure solutions such as MCUs and fully managed services.

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Whether looking for the simplicity of a no frills system, or seeking more comprehensive technology for advanced multi point connections, we can help you achieve a powerful, lasting impact.

Telepresence Solutions

Videoconferencing BridgingTelepresence is the ultimate state of the art video conferencing solution. With a fully immersive telepresence system you’re creating the most realistic meeting experience period.  This type of solution enables a participant to attend a meeting and feel as if they are joining from directly across the table despite being cities or countries apart.

Immersive telepresence is the ultimate video conferencing experience and our products in partnership with such manufacturers as Polycom, enable you to collaborate at the highest professional level while enjoying the lowest total cost of ownership.

Advanced implements telepresence videoconferencing solutions for businesses, government and education clients interested in taking full advantage of the latest HD environments.  These luxury environments deliver a powerful combination of high definition audio, an immersive video wall and bring participants located in sites around the world together to communicate in a natural, around the table meeting space.  Every detail of the meeting environment is considered, from the furniture, acoustic treatment to studio quality lighting, all geared to creating the most collaborative meeting environment.

Partnering with leading Telepresence technology partners like Polycom, Advanced provides comprehensive integrated solutions for video conferencing applications, from design and installation, through maintenance and service plans, that make using Telepresence and video conferencing easy to use and beneficial to growing your business.

While there are multiple Telepresence systems available, it’s essential that you’re equipped with the solution that can specifically address your needs. From HD video technology to life sized displays, our extensive selection of resources guarantees that you’ll achieve the ultimate conferencing experience. The expertise of our services ensures that you’ll be backed by comprehensive installation and technical support, both onsite and offsite.

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Video on the Move

It’s official.  The use of mobile devices with built in webcams for collaboration is on the rise, bring your own device is now commonplace and users are demanding software based, easy to use, cost effective ways to conduct video collaboration meetings.

The Advanced Mobile Device and Desktop Video Collaboration Service has been designed to accomplish exactly that.

This new service is perfect for conducting video meetings with your colleagues, customers and partners – right from your desktop or laptop.  Whether you are traveling, working from a home office, or even from a coffee shop, with this service you can experience business quality video collaboration on a standard broadband connection with access to content sharing and other features of a standard video collaboration service in real time.  No one will even realize that you are away from your office.

Based on a unique video collaboration software platform, this service delivers natural, high quality, point to point and multipoint videoconferencing experiences anywhere over the Internet.

With an intuitive user interface, user options for muting video and or audio, support for both Mac and Windows environments, automatic adaption to network connections and CPU utilization and support for off the shelf webcams and USB audio devices, it doesn’t get much easier than this.

And best of all, the software platform also allows for the sharing of application windows simultaneously with full desktop sharing on Windows based operating systems.

For more information about the Advanced Mobile Device and Desktop Video Collaboration Service please contact our Collaboration Solutions team today.

Understanding Video Conferencing Solutions

When it comes to video communications, there is a wide range of solutions and variables to think about.  When working with our clients we focus on taking the mystery and complexity out of the technology the best way we can.  Your video conferencing solutions can comprise of one or a mixture of the following systems:
  • Telepresence Telepresence is the high end video conference environment that can provide the ultimate in video experience. Meeting participants feel as though they are having a meeting in the same room. It is important to note that Telepresence does require higher bandwidth and fully managed networks. Network performance is critical to the high quality experience offered.
  • Group Video Conferencing Systems Group video conferencing systems are available in many different configurations to meet the needs of small to large meeting rooms, with single or multiple cameras and displays, in standard and high definition and with a host of options and accessories. These systems are ideal when there are groups of individuals at multiple locations that need to meet together in a face to face environment.
  • Desktop or Personal Video Conferencing Systems Personal video conferencing systems are primarily suited for personal or single person use. There are many types of desktop solutions ranging from video VoIP phones, executive desktop systems to PC-based systems. Personal systems are optimized for the use in individual workstations, home office or anywhere with IP connection.
  • Management Systems Management systems enable you to monitor and manage your video communications network which typically includes systems management, directory management, software updates, provisioning and reporting. With a management system, you can perform remote diagnostics, systems updates / upgrades, resources control, service provisioning, user management and generate reports.
  • Scheduling Tools Scheduling tools can help to ensure required resources including physical rooms, people, connectivity and equipment are available for each of the conference sessions. As the usage and scale of your video services increase, the more sophisticated the tool you’ll want and need.
  • Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) MCUs, often referred to as a “bridge”, enable you to connect three or more video and voice participants into a single conference. Depending on the capabilities of each of the participant’s endpoint, an MCU can provide audio only services or any combination of audio, video and data services.
  • Video Infrastructure For advanced conferencing features, you will require video infrastructure to ensure users on different types of networks and bandwidth are able to connect on a single conference.  This infrastructure gear also allows for calls across different networks and user domains so they can be connected securely.
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