SMART Board Solutions

SMART Board Solutions

We are hearing increasingly from our clients of the need to improve team collaboration – enhancing business productivity and process while reducing organizational and travel costs.  It’s interesting to see that collaboration was once defined as the process whereby people work together. Traditionally this also meant being together, at the same time and place.  Now, with the emergence of new technology and the ability to connect, collaboration is being redefined as the experience of people working together, sharing ideas, data and analysis to develop collective solutions.  What has really changed today is that people no longer need to sit together in the same space to undertake collaborative work.

Historically our industry has focused heavily on the use of video as the means for distance or remote collaboration.  Things have changed and today, the principles of visual collaboration are driving organizations to change the way they work.

This is where SMART Board collaboration solutions from Advanced come into play.  Interactive Display technology is a key component of any collaborative ecosystem.  In fact, the proper deployment of this type of technology can provide your organization with a significant opportunity to accelerate collaboration in both connected and non-connected meetings.

Recognizing that the majority of users are visual learners, senior leaders are driving teams to represent information visually to increase understanding and accelerate business process and decision making.

Traditional collaboration often failed because team interaction was restricted to just talking or showing powerpoint presentations.  There is a better way to work together.  With visual collaboration tools from SMART Technologies, people collaborate in visual and interactive ways whether they are in the same room or in workspaces around the world.  We’ve helped our customers find innovative ways to make more informed decisions, reduce costs, engage clients and stakeholders, and train personnel – all by making it easier to share information and communicate ideas.

Extraordinary Collaboration

As the leading provider in Canada who has implemented more SMART solutions than any other organization, we have the right solutions for extraordinary collaboration.

There is no limit to your teams’ potential if they are enabled to collaborate freely and naturally – without the boundaries of traditional tools or distance.  With solutions from Advanced and SMART, your teams will be able to share ideas and solve issues.  And best of all, you’ll give people the ability to collaborate wherever, whenever and however they need to.

Visual collaboration is people working together using digital content and resources, sharing their ideas, skills, experiences and inspiration to achieve common goals.  We offer specific solutions that elevate the experience of working together – whether it’s through informal, structured or dispersed team collaboration.

With solutions from SMART, teams can stay focused on the objective and have the flexibility to accelerate problem solving. Our systems help teams consolidate information from multiple sources and bring flexibility into a structured collaboration environment for more purposeful and efficient meetings.

Your presentations will have the potential to leave a lasting impression as our systems enable your presentations to be more visual and interactive, thus helping the audience understand the ideas, have meaningful discussions and make more informed decisions.

Perhaps most importantly, distance will not be a barrier to collaboration with our SMART solutions. Instead, your local and dispersed teams can come together to collaborate on and exchange information in real time. Our solutions enable dispersed teams to actively collaborate so that everyone can see and share information and contribute to discussions and decisions.

SMART Solutions for business

  • Transforming how you do business SMART displays and software help teams collaborate - in any work environment
  • SMART Meeting Pro software powerful visual collaboration software allows colleagues to create and capture ideas in the virtually unlimited unbound workspace, as well as make notes over any available application to keep meetings organized and easily communicate outcomes.
  • Training & Support services Advanced provides training and has several installation and support services options to fit your needs and budget.
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