Command & Control

Command & Control

Control Rooms. Advanced.

Control rooms and network operation centers are evolving.  Advanced is ahead of the curve with adopting new control room video displays and collaboration software into these mission critical environments.  Our technologies help clients maintain situational awareness, increasing collaboration and decision making processes.

Advanced provides clients with custom control room solutions, based on operational and employee needs.  We have the skills to design, engineer and install world-class control room environments.  Our best practice philosophy focuses on key areas in room design: Growth, Collaboration, Security, Operational Costs, and Mobility.

Control rooms by Advanced go beyond just the visualization display; they can include technical furniture, ergonomic staging, cabling, lighting, acoustics, traffic flow, signal management, control software, room automation, security, and mobile content deployment.


Our CAD and rendering services help clients visualize their environment, and assists us with ergonomic analysis and technology selection.  Customers from the Military, Aerospace,  Corporate, Transportation and Telecommunication industry all have different needs for their control room environments.  We listen and execute, applying our expertise, to create exceptional network operation centers.

To learn more about our control room and network operation center audio visual design and installation services, get in touch with Advanced today.

Advanced Best Practices

  • Growth Advanced understands control rooms may grow in size over time.  We promote flexible framing systems for display expansion, and a network based system design.
  • Collaboration Operators must analyze information and make rapid critical decisions.  The video wall must allow collaboration among colleagues, with wide viewing angles and vivid information.
  • Security It is essential control room information is secure.  We work closely with your IT department to ensure data is secure at all times.
  • Operational Costs Advanced deploys control room displays that are solid-state for minimal downtime, and looks for operational cost savings by reducing power consumption and heat output.