Video Conferencing & Visual Collaboration Managed Services

We’ve all been there. Your team is attempting to hold a videoconference or SMART collaboration meeting and nothing seems to work. To make matters more complicated, meeting participants are trying to connect using different types of video systems and meeting software and are struggling with compatibility problems and less than desirable video quality. Your organization may be in need of specialized IT technical support and infrastructure but does not have the resources to deploy.

That’s where Advanced comes in.

We offer a unique, industry leading managed video and visual collaboration service through our Advanced Presence Service Program that guarantees users have a quality video and collaboration experience every time, whether they are using boardroom videoconferencing systems, telepresence or SMART Bridgit conferencing software.

Our service is virtually on demand so that anyone in your organization can gain access to video conferencing or collaboration software quickly and easily. By simply signing up to the Advanced Presence Service, users can quickly and easily start or join a video meeting without the need for reservations, technical assistance or complicated set up. And best of all, we provide support to organizations already using existing video or SMART solutions in addition to those looking to move forward with their very first collaborative communications installation.

Today, distributed workforces and collaborative meetings are commonplace and the way teams communicate is changing. Connecting one room to another room with a videoconferencing system has never been the issue. Today’s challenge is connecting multiple parties, who are all in different rooms or are mobile and using a variety of different devices such as VC systems, Smartboards and ipads.

Advanced takes pride in providing customers with an excellent meeting experience – simple to connect, easy to use, national coverage and affordable technology solutions. You can now have complete confidence in your video and visual communications.
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