Nureva Microphone Mist Technology

The brains behind the HDL300 system

Virtual microphones: the magic behind Microphone Mist technology

Microphone Mist technology fills a room with 8,192 virtual microphones (16,384 with the Dual HDL300 system). A virtual microphone is an individual “pickup point” created when two or more physical microphones (12 are in an HDL300 microphone and speaker bar) work together through proprietary processing algorithms to focus their pickup patterns on a configurable zone. Thanks to advanced processing power, Microphone Mist technology listens to each virtual microphone simultaneously and zeros in on the predominant sounds and optimizes them for clear conversations – no matter where meeting participants move in the room.

Active Zone Control suppresses audience noise

A groundbreaking extension of Microphone Mist technology, Active Zone Control lets you adjust an HDL300 system’s virtual microphones to focus on a zone around a speaker at the front of a meeting or lecture while shutting off the virtual microphones in the rest of the room. With less noise from the audience, a lecturer or presenter can be heard more clearly by remote participants.

Intelligent sound targeting eliminates unwanted sounds

HVAC and other unwanted sounds can seriously affect conference call audio. Traditional systems use “post-sound” filters that require substantial processing resources to suppress sounds. But new intelligent sound targeting (IST) in our Microphone Mist technology takes a “pre-sound” approach. Using adaptive learning algorithms, IST preemptively identifies and learns unwanted sounds and then simply stops picking them up. It’s another feature other technologies can’t match.