Crestron M100 Series

The Crestron Flex M100 Series is the core of modern meeting spaces. It provides everything you need to instantly and securely call, present, and video conference using any application or dedicated Microsoft Teams™or Skype® for Business. Simply plug in your laptop or connect wirelessly from your laptop or smart device. You’re in business. The audio performance is engineered to the highest standards and provisioning via the Crestron XiO Cloud™ service, making it easy to deploy and manage across thousands of rooms.


  • Present, call, and collaborate – all-in-one tabletop console
  • Natively runs Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, and Zoom
  • Easy to provision and manage from Crestron XiO Cloud™ service | Securely connects to network
  • Supports wireless presentation with built-in AirMedia® 2.0 technology
  • Full open SIP conference phone with room scheduling and one-touch joins
  • Onscreen room availability and meeting details


With an attractive, practical design and unrivaled sound quality, Crestron Mercury delights the user and delivers a native platform experience from Microsoft with a minimum of distractions. A large, high-resolution color display is at the center of the Crestron Flex experience. Wideband audio capability provides crystal clear speech during calls. A 360-degree array of sensitive microphones and a full-range speaker further enhances audio quality during meetings. Crestron Flex delivers nothing less than the best possible communications experience.


The Crestron Flex M100 Series benefit from zero-touch deployment via Crestron XiO Cloud. With only the serial number and device MAC address, which are provided at shipment, a network admin can remotely configure the devices before they even arrive on-site.

Once online they will connect to the Cloud, retrieve their configuration and then, within seconds, be ready to make calls. Using the Crestron XiO Cloud dashboard, the network admin is able to manage every connected workplace device from Crestron and supported partners.