Crestron B100 Series

Paired with a 10” Crestron TSW touch screen and a Crestron UC-ENGINE, the Crestron Flex B100 Series transforms into the centerpiece of your meeting room. The full kit seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams™, Skype® for Business, and Zoom Rooms™ software in an easy-to-use and manage solution. The entire system works together to provide a world-class UC experience.


With a stunning, practical design and premium audio quality, the UC smart soundbar delights the user with crystal clear speech during calls and stellar microphone coverage. An integrated high-definition camera provides autozoom, people counting, and lifelike image quality to deliver nothing less than the best possible video conferencing experience. And it’s as simple to set up as it is to use, with no configuration required.


Room control is simple via an intuitive UI running on a Crestron TSW touch screen featuring a large, high-resolution color display. You get a consistent user
experience and native Microsoft Teams functionality.


Want to show content to participants in the room and on the call? No problem. With the HD-CONV-USB-200 you can effortlessly display your content to local and remote participants through the Crestron UC ENGINE. Just connect and go!


The Crestron UC ENGINE is the driving force in a Crestron Flex B100 Series meeting space. With an incredibly powerful NUC PC at its core, the UC ENGINE ensures a flawless meeting experience no matter the type of space, number of participants, type of presentation content, or number of video streams. The UC ENGINE interfaces directly with the UC smart soundbar, Huddly IQ® video conferencing camera, and Crestron HDMI® to USB video converter (HD-CONV-USB-200).


Crestron Flex M150 devices benefit from zero-touch deployment via the Crestron XiO Cloud. With only the serial number and device MAC address, which are provided at
shipment, a network admin can remotely configure the devices before they even arrive on-site.

Once online it will connect to the Cloud, retrieve its configuration and then, within seconds, be ready to make calls. Using the Crestron XiO Cloud dashboard, the network admin is able to manage every connected workplace device from Crestron and supported partners.