Digital Signage

Today’s digital signage technology offers immediate and effective means for point of sale promotions, hospitality communications, public information and schedule posting, global enterprise communication, distribution of information, interactive kiosks and advertising.

Advanced offers a complete range of digital signage solutions from flat screen or touch screen displays and stand-alone kiosk units to digital signage software and the design / installation of entire digital signage networks.

Our approach is to first evaluate and recommend the right display technology for your application. Then we consider how best to deliver the content to the displays taking into account the need for media players and digital signage software.

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The software used to create content on digital signage networks is becoming more intuitive and user friendly with a host of powerful design tools that save time and resources, yet produce a more relevant and highly professional multi-media message.

We can provide off the shelf software optimized for use at a single location that allows for common media types to be combined to create a rich media presentation. Alternatively, packages are available that allow for larger scale deployments across multiple displays and buildings. The Advanced offering includes not only the supply and installation of displays but also a platform for content creation, management and distribution of the content and ongoing training and support.

Whether you are looking to distribute educational information or market to potential clients, Advanced will work with you to plan, design and integrate a dynamic digital signage system that provides the right impression and delivers results.