Collaboration Solutions

Collaboration solutions mean engagement and innovation - any time, any device, anywhere.

Twenty years ago collaboration was a conversation across the desk. Today it’s an interactive experience between multiple people, across continents, on the move, in remote locations, anywhere, at any time and on any device.

Knowledge is shared, decisions are made and relationships are built in real time. Because of this everyone is more informed, more efficient and more productive. And we need to be, because in today’s complex world, communication and collaboration plays a crucial role in the pursuit of our business goals.

For many organizations the value of collaboration is clear, but the question is how to optimize the technology to create environments where staff, customers and partners effortlessly interact in a timely and efficient manner.

At Advanced, we listen carefully to how organizations are currently meeting and communicating and then we provide a consultative approach on how to enhance that experience using technology. Our experienced team takes a vendor agnostic approach to helping organizations not only select the right collaboration software platform but we then combine this with the right visual collaboration solution. The end result just makes the meeting experience better!