What’s next for Surface Hub 2

Introducing Surface Hub 2S

Microsoft took the next step on the journey to Surface Hub 2 with the introduction of Surface Hub 2S (read the blog here). Surface Hub 2S will deliver the latest Surface Hub experience you know and love in a sleek, slim 50.5” form factor that’s easy to move around and will take teamwork to spaces beyond the traditional conference room to turn any space into a teamwork space. It has improved video teleconferencing tools like a 4K camera, enhanced speakers and microphones, and it integrates with both Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams meetings. Applications like the new Microsoft Whiteboard and Office as well as third party industry apps keep teams in their group workflow, so nothing stands in the way of collaboration.

Microsoft remains fully committed to the future vision of Surface Hub 2 and will introduce additional innovative features like tiling, dynamic rotation, and multi-user login with Surface Hub 2X in 2020. Surface Hub 2S will be fully updateable to Surface Hub 2X over time. This is enabled through Surface Hub 2’s processor cartridge that can be removed, upgraded and serviced over time. The cartridge is what will enable customers to make the switch from Surface Hub 2S to Surface Hub 2X in 2020.

Lighter, sleeker, and easier to use

Surface Hub 2 is gorgeous – lighter, sleeker, and more intuitive than its predecessor, all while being as easy to install as putting a TV on a wall. Paired with elegant mobile stands from our partner Steelcase, Surface Hub 2 can be moved around the room with ease and anchored to a spot with a simple tap of your foot, providing the kind of freedom that’s never been seen in collaborative workspaces before. Now you can have a meeting wherever you choose, helping shift meetings from being passive to active, helping people better engage, create better ideas and drive better business outcomes.

Collaborate across the world

In addition to having the convenience of being able to create an anytime, anywhere collaboration space with the transportable Surface Hub 2 stand you can effectively meet with teams from all over the world. If your colleague is hundreds or even thousands of miles away from you, they will feel like they’re in the same room with Surface Hub 2. Meetings sound and look crystal clear in Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business with our improved microphones, speakers, 4K camera, and true to scale video calling.


Intuitive experiences to make your team more productive

Surface Hub 2 seamlessly integrates intuitive hardware, software, and modes of interaction to help people get in and stay in their flow.  With the new Microsoft Whiteboard app, amazing features designed for large touch screens make you feel like you’re at a real whiteboard, but with the added benefit of intelligent ink, the ability to find people, Bing search built in, image stacks, and more. Surface Hub 2 provides a robust whiteboard experience, but your whiteboard can be shared across Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices, so you can jump back into the same brainstorm session anytime, anywhere, from any device.


Surface Hub 2’s light, sleek and intelligent design starts to ship in Q2 2019

To learn more, visit www.microsoft.com/en-us/surface/business/surface-hub-2


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