Meeting Room Technologies


Come to Canada’s largest meeting room demonstration centre, to compare the latest in meeting room technologies, side by side.

You’ll be amazed to see just how many new meeting room tools are now available for businesses of all sizes, just like yours.

Whether it be multi-national, collaborating between Toronto and Asia, or just between users in the same campus, imagine how many participants can work in collaboration. Remote teams can work together on the same screen at the same time, from their laptop, tablet or even their smartphones – now available for small businesses.

We are the people to help you move your business into the 21st century. Advanced has invested over $1.5 million in our technology demonstration facilities – possibly the most comprehensive in Canada. Spanning over 5 demonstration suites and featuring a videowall/ large screen showroom bristling with the latest technology, all are available for you to see.

Featured Meeting Technologies at our Demonstration Center:

  • Skype for Business – Collaborate with anyone, anywhere, on any device, with thesecurity and control of Microsoft featuring Skype Room Systems
  • SMART kapp™ iQ – 4K Ultra HD display with a built-in whiteboard that enables multi-way inking between any combination of devices
  • Polycomm Real Presence Trio – The first smart hub for group collaboration that transforms the iconic three-point conference phone into a voice, video and content sharing system that can fit into any team environment, large or small
  • Prysm Visual Workplace – A new way of work where applications, content, video conferencing and the web are easily combined into a touch-interactive visual workspace where teams can simultaneously create, edit, share and store content.



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