Telecommunication & Technology

Telecommunication & Technology

AV Solutions Accelerate Innovation

The Telecommunications and Technology sector is defined by a need for speed, controllable accessibility and system reliability. There are few market sectors that benefit more from innovative audiovisual solutions than this one.

Advanced has been providing sophisticated, yet easy-to-use AV systems to this market sector for over twenty (20) years, serving corporate giants such as Microsoft, Telus, SAS Institute and ADP.

 From the design and installation of real-time video and teleconferencing systems that enable remote teams to interact, interconnect and information share, to digital signage systems that allow business to reach out, in a targeted and timely way to their customers, regardless of location, Advanced has helped its Telecommunications and Technology clients to bridge the physical gaps of time and space to promote collaboration, team building and the exchange of ideas and information in an immediate, immersive and creative way.

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 Key Benefits

  • Bridge Key Communications Divides Videoconferencing and visual collaboration solutions from Advanced help Telecommunications and Technology companies bridge the distance between remote teams to promote collaboration and creative problem-solving and decision-making
  • Impart Information with Immediacy Telecommunications and Technology companies are expected to be in a position to relay information to both customers and staff in a real-time, immediate fashion, as news breaks and things change.  Digital signage solutions from Advanced help them do just that - no matter at what level the information must be shared - on a local, national or international level
  • Reduce Overhead  Save on corporate travel and related expenses, such as employee downtime, when staff employ videoconferencing and SMART visual collaboration solutions versus physical travel
  • Present With Impact  Communicate new ideas and messages with team members and customers with innovative audiovisual solutions