Inform and Influence.

Retail - Shaw CommunicationsIn the modern world of cross-channel retail, getting the customer through the door – be it a physical or a virtual one –  is often based on the delivery of an enticing message that inspires and captivates against the highly-competitive landscape of other retailers.

The days of luring customers through these “doors” with a static flyer, or other printed advertisement are largely over.  Today’s retail customer wants to be driven by dynamic imagery and targetted messaging and retailers need to be able to quickly modify this message, right up to the point of purchase to effectively influence buying decisions.

Retail - Holt RenfrewAdvanced helps retailers create content and messaging that is easily modifiable, yet dynamic and interactive in the way today’s customer demands.  Innovative digital signage solutions within the retail space, in the form of multiple large-format displays and kiosks, help deliver your message to customers in a vivid and engaging way. Leading-edge teleconferencing solutions help larger retail chains promote a consistent level of employee training and disseminate promotional or branding information consistently and simultaneously across a local, national or international space saving money on travel costs.

Advanced currently provides state-of-the-art AV solutions to such prominent retailers as the Air Jordan Store, Mercedes Benz, Chanel, and Shaw Cable Systems.


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