Shaping the Customer Experience

Restaurant - Jack AstorsA well-designed audiovisual system helps to set the mood and shape the experience for restaurant patrons.  The success of any leisure activity is almost always based on providing an immersive, fun and relaxing environment in which  customers can put aside the business of the day, wind down and escape for a period of time.  Providing this environment can be a major factor towards encouraging customers to remain longer, spend more and ultimately, recommend to others and return at another time.

Restaurant - FourAdvanced designs and installs AV systems for many restaurant clients including SirCorp (Jack Astors, Alice Fazooli’s, Far Niente), Shoeless Joe’s, Earls and Boston Pizza that include large-format displays for sporting and other entertainment events, audio systems to provide mood-setting background music for restaurants and  night clubs and digital signage systems to keep customers informed about upcoming events, menu specials and changes and current promotions to drive sales forward.

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Restaurant - Jack Astors

  Restaurant - St Louis

Audiovisual for Restaurants

  • Promote a positive, immersive customer experience Large-format multiple displays and videowall solutions help restaurants set the mood, entertain and inform customers to promote a positive experience leading to continued patronage and positive referrals
  • Drive sales  Digital signage solutions help to keep customers informed of upcoming sporting or social events and menu-driven promotions that encourage re-patronage and boost sales
  • Strengthen and promote your brand AV systems from Advanced can help restaurants and especially chains to effectively display brand messaging and cross-promote venues to relay a consistent, effective message to consumers
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