An Advanced Prescription

Pharmaceutical - GSKThe pharmaceutical industry is driven by ongoing, globalized research and development and unstoppable progress. Modern and successful pharmacology is most often the result of intense and complex collaboration that crosses borders and time zones in pursuit of the “wellness” goal:  the aim of reducing the effects of disease and illness and providing a better quality of life for people.

Advanced designs and installs AV systems and solutions in support of these noble goals for many of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies including  GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi Pasteur and Apotex.  Firms of this caliber insist on and require complex, yet easy-to-use AV solutions that promote teamwork, information and idea sharing.

Pharmaceutical - GSKFrom smaller conference rooms to large theatres suited to Town Hall Meetings, Advanced has provided Videoconferencing, SMARTBoard and Digital Signage Solutions that help these large-scale pharmaceutical organizations function more uniformly and collaboratively, be it from across the hall or halfway across the world.  AV solutions from Advanced help to promote wellness among Canadians by ensuring our pharmaceutical clients have the means to collaborate towards the development of health care solutions and deliver key messages and alerts, both internally and externally,  in a timely and effective way.

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Healthcare AV

  • Collaborate for a cure.Videoconferencing and SMARTBoard solutions help Pharmaceutical organizations to promote unified communications and collaboration amongst teams of people often separated by large expanses of physical space.
  • Deliver critical messages and alerts. Digital Signage Solutions help pharmaceutical companies share critical, time-sensitive information, both with staff and the public, in a localized and targeted manner, ensuring the right message is delivered to those affected.
  • Reduce overhead.  AV solutions help companies reduce costs by providing an alternative to physical team travel and an immediate and low-cost method for critical message delivery across large regions, as required.