Audiovisual solutions improve profits

In such a production environment, manufacturers are increasingly investing in R&D and production facilities that span the globe to accelerate product development and boost sales  in different geographical locations and time zones.

Manufacturing - PepsiTo ensure constant communication among such globally-distributed teams and facilities, these organizations require AV solutions that promote collaboration, improve overall productivity, reduce travel and associated expenses, simplify and accelerate decision-making and speed the time of product to market.

Manufacturing - Acklands GraingerDigital signage and videowall solutions can help companies convey and present key messaging across their organization.  Digital footprints in lobby’s, manufacturing facilities, presentation and experience centres are becoming more common place in the manufacturing sector.

Advanced provides presentation, unified audiovisual communications and collaboration solutions that help manufacturers achieve all of the above and deliver on constantly-increasing customer expectation and demand.  And, we provide these AV solutions to some of Canada’ most prominent manufacturing organizations including GE Energy, Hasbro, Hitachi, Honda, Lever and Maple Leaf Foods.  

Manufacturing - GE EnergyAdvanced helps manufacturing organizations become more efficient, more effective, more connected and more competitive; we help manufacturers bridge the boundaries between distant teams and rapid commercialization.

AV Benefits

  • Create Collaborative Environments Videoconferencing solutions from Advanced help Manufacturers bridge the distance between remote teams accelerating decision-making
  • Stay Informed Digital displays from Advanced helps companies keep track of production, inventory and stock allowing for a more informed decision and response to market demands
  • Reduce Costs  Save on corporate travel and employee downtime with videoconferencing solutions
  • Present with Impact Use cutting-edge audiovisual solutions to convey your message to clients and partners