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Our hospitals and healthcare institutions are committed to improving the quality of life and health for people.  In these times of budgetary constraints and social cutbacks, hospitals require thoughtful, targeted and innovative solutions to ensure they can continue to do more with less.

Advanced has designed and installed a range of professional audiovisual solutions for the hospital sector which support both a high-quality of service delivery to patients, and the ability for administrators to control costs, unify training program delivery, disseminate important information and effectively manage human resources.

HospitalsAV solutions are the backbone behind important medical initiatives, such as telemedicine, which relies on the secure, dependable transmission of video, voice and data to provide critical medical services to patients in need around the world.

Advanced partners with many hospitals and health care providers, providing customized AV solutions and systems that promote wellbeing within Ontario and beyond.  Our current customers in this sector include St. Joseph’s Healthcare, Mount Sinai, Toronto General, York and Humber River Regional Hospitals and Southlake Regional Health Center, among others.

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  • Support for Telemedicine. Videoconferencing and collaboration solutions help hospitals and heath care centres offer remote medical services to patients, anywhere in the world, connecting doctors and surgeons - on demand - in times of crisis, to those who need them most.
  • Manage human resources and keep patients and staff informed. Digital signage solutions help hospitals to relay important message and alerts with immediacy on a local, national or international scale.  Information such as medical alerts, shift changes, Emergency wait times and other critical data is easily and dynamically relayed to the right people at the right time.
  • Control overhead.Breaking technologies like Telemedicine, possible through AV innovations, help not only to bridge physical boundaries and bring doctors together with remote patients, they also reduce travel and related costs for hospitals allowing these funds to be used for the provision of ongoing, quality care for people.