Government Departments & Agencies

Government Departments & Agencies

Mission-critical Communications

The reality of today’s government has a mandate to reduce costs, while at the same time increasing the level of transparency and immediacy with which information is relayed to employees and the public.

Government - Department of Citizenship & ImmigrationAudiovisual solutions from Advanced can help government agencies and departments to achieve this mission. Well-designed and planned AV systems can increase the speed and efficacy of message dissemination, while at the same time eliminating requirements for physical travel and the need for multiple systems of delivery, which can often be difficult to synchronize and costly to maintain.

AV systems from Advanced promote rapid, robust and less costly public service. Design and installation of mass notification systems keep the public aware of potential dangers and emergency measures. Videoconferencing solutions and collaboration solutions keep agency staff interconnected and equally informed.

Government - CHSIAdvanced has been entrusted to provide mission-critical AV solutions to public service organizations such as The Ontario Provincial Police, the Office of the Solicitor General, Toronto General and Mount Sinai Hospitals, and various government Ministry at all levels, including the Ministry of Consumer and Corporate Affairs, Revenue Canada, Transport Canada, Correctional Services and the Ontario Ministry of Health, to name a few.

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Audiovisual Solutions for Government

  • Reduce Costs While increasing Efficacy AV systems can help government departments and public companies to reduce overhead and expenses, while at the same time actually increasing the efficacy and speed with which the public is kept informed
  • Improved Service Levels in Health Care AV  solutions help hospitals  keep the public informed of important information such as health alerts and keep local patients informed about waiting times and procedures.  Through the  use of videoconferencing solutions, medicine is now able to bridge the physical gap of distance and doctors can "virtually" co-exist as teams, collaborating on health care solutions or even guiding a surgical procedure from a remote location
  • Promote Collaboration Government works as a series of interconnected ministries and agencies all with a common purpose and cause to serve their public.  AV systems assist government to promote collaboration and teamwork at all levels - from municipal to national - to ensure the development of cohesive solutions that see citizens best served