Fitness Venues

Fitness Venues

AV Solutions that Enhance and Energize

Fitness Venues - Columbia Lake HealthToday’s Fitness Centres are often high-tech marvels, based on state-of-the-art science and technology as the foundation for promoting physical well-being. Integrated AV solutions within these Centres help to energize and enhance the user experience, ensuring it remains positive.

Strategically-placed Digital Signage, in conjunction with facility-wide Paging systems, ensure messages within the Centre are relayed in an efficient and immediate manner. From security alerts, to news about Membership specials and upcoming events, Digital Signage helps to keep members better informed and helps the Centre to increase revenue with intelligent and targeted promotion and bolster security with the timely dissemination of critical information.

AV solutions deployed within workout and training rooms energize people and increase motivational levels.  As Members’ fitness goals are achieved, the activities and amenities of the Centre are psychologically validated in their minds and thus, continued patronage and referral is most often the result.

Fitness Venues - Columbia Lake HealthAdvanced has designed and installed integrated audiovisual solutions within many sports and fitness facilities including the award-winning and prestigious Columbia Lake Health Club.  Columbia Lake, in Waterloo, built state-of-the-art technology into every corner of the Centre and thus, when it came time for the AV component of construction, they asked the experts at Advanced to design and install all the equipment.  Even the cardio machines at Columbia Lake are “wired-in” with direct-feed satellite that allows Members to watch their favourite program while simultaneously pursuing fitness goals.

As part of the overall audiovisual solution within the new GE Energy headquarters in Markham, Ontario, Advanced was asked to design and install all AV systems within the Company’s onsite Fitness Centre.  Another state-of-the-art facility, the employees at GE can bring in their personal entertainment devices – iPad, cell phone, MP3 player – and plug them into the overall system, as desired, to customize the workout experience.

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  • Increase Awareness. Digital Signage and Paging solutions help Fitness Centre staff to disseminate important news and alerts to Members and promote specials and upcoming events.
  • Stimulate and Strengthen. Integrated AV systems within workout and training rooms help to keep Members energized and engaged in their activities increasing the likelihood that individual fitness goals and Member satisfaction are both achieved.
  • Increase Revenues. Integrated AV systems  help staff to promote upcoming events and Membership specials and enhance the overall user experience.  A satisfied Member is more likely to both renew their own membership and provide referral business, each of which increases revenue.
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