Financial Services

Financial Services

Time-critical corporate environments

Financial Services - Dundee WealthThe world of finance is driven by speed and response.  With today’s global economies deeply intertwined, the need for financial service teams to access, exchange and convey information – in real time and from any location – has never been more critical.

Advanced has been providing AV solutions that deliver and dispense data with immediacy to customers in the financial services sector for almost twenty years.  From in-branch consumer displays that deliver your message locally, to large-scale teleconferences that distribute your message around the world, Advanced has the audiovisual answers the world of finance requires.

Financial Services - State Bank of IndiaOur ability to service the financial sector  – both on a local and a national level – is proven by the many successful AV solutions we have designed and installed for industry giants such as TD Bank, TD Waterhouse, Scotiabank, CIBC and Dundee Wealth, among many others.

Financial institutions rely on in-branch display systems to relay important messages to customers at both a local and thus personal level.  Such display systems help to keep customers informed and to promote bank offerings to generate revenue.

Financial Services - TD WaterhouseVideoconferencing and SMART Freestorm visual collaboration solutions are also widely deployed within the financial sector to help connect staff working together, yet from distant locations.  Less costly and time-consuming than physical travel – SMART Freestorm visual collaboration provides an immediate, on-demand portal that  promotes team building, idea and information sharing.

Key Benefits

  • Digital Signage Deploy digital signage solutions at a  local level , in-branch, to keep customers informed about  new products, services and promotions to increase revenues.
  • Present with Impact Employ interconnected audiovisual solutions to help convey a consistent message across a department, a specific physical address, or even nationally.
  • Collaborative Effectively Support creative collaboration and idea sharing through the use of immersive, real-time AV solutions.  Less costly and more immediate than physical travel, on-demand audiovisual solutions such as videoconferencing help to promote teamwork and reduce corporate costs.
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