Entertainment Facilities

Entertainment Facilities

Engaging Audiovisual Solutions

Entertainment - Shoeless Joes Sports BarMuseums, Art gallery, Casinos and other such leisure establishments help people escape of daily life and connect with others over shared enthusiasms.

To be entertained our emotions must be first engaged, then enlisted and finally, encompassed, especially if the audience is to take more than a passive role in the activity. In order to achieve all this, the environment must reach the individual on a number of sensory levels, often at the same time.

Entertainment - Shoeless Joes Sports BarA high-quality audiovisual system can help one establishment to stand out from competitors.  The AV professionals at Advanced can design and install  an optimal video and sound system suited to your specific space and needs that helps you to differentiate and win customers.

From videowall solutions, to digital signage and audio systems, Advanced can provide the full spectrum of AV products and services to its entertainment sector clients to help them deliver the immersive, stimuli-rich environment continued patronage now demands.

Maintenance and service packages designed for the entertainment sector are available from Advanced.  Maintaining a healthy AV system is particularly important for the hospitality sector to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Audiovisual Solutions that Excite

  • Inform and Promote Digital signage solutions from Advanced, installed within a hotel lobby, on the wall of a fitness centre, or in front of the queue to a concert hall helps keep people informed about upcoming special events, award-winning onsite services, current promotions, and basic information like concert start times
  • Excite and Entertain People often value entertainment as much as education.  AV solutions from Advanced help restauranteurs, hoteliers, night club and stadium staff to create and control immersive, dynamic and memorable experiences for guests and patrons that both inspire and entertain, driving continued patronage
  • Boost Sales  A high-quality AV system can help entertainment venues and hotels stand apart from their competition and drive customer traffic.  From videowall solutions that can display multiple sporting events, simultaneously, throughout your restaurant, to the supply and installation of flat panels in each room of your hotel, AV is often the difference maker that increases your patronage over your competition and boosts sales and revenue