Our Values

Quality, Integrity, Service, Excellence

This is what we stand for. What we strive to deliver our clients every day.

At Advanced, we believe in values that should be the pulse of our organization, in every project we do, every consultancy we make, every phone call we answer.


We serve our customers by investing in two important resources: technology and people.

We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of audio visual and visual collaboration technology, constantly seeking out the best products and bringing them to our customers. We strive to find new technology that enhances and empowers collaboration across your enterprise, business or government organization. Advanced embraces new technology.

Our staff have undergone extensive training and certification to give quality service to our customers. Advanced has CTS engineers, Creston programmers, IT certified professionals, SMART certified trainers, and many other qualifications, to provide the best services in our industry.

Our team is constantly updated on new technology ensuring they can give training on the systems we install to our customers. We understand that a state-of-the-art boardroom can only achieve this denomination once our customers become fully aware of how their system works. In our projects & installations, we are extremely careful in selecting the right products from our preferred list of manufacturer partners.

Advanced has achieved the industry’s highest ICIA certification – Diamond – and we were the first Ontario-based company with this accomplishment. Learn more about our accreditations, certifications and awards.


“My title is Senior Account Manager, but I’m not a salesman. I’m a listener. It’s the most important part of my job, because before we can deliver the correct installation, we need to understand what our clients want.”

– Andrew Hykoski, Senior Account Manager

It’s true. We listen. We always make sure our customers’ requirements are thoroughly understood before we move ahead with any project. And we do this to ensure our customer will get exactly what they need, every time.

Customer feedback continually affects the way we operate. If necessary, our flexibility allows us to change our processes to make sure every project is a tailored solution and every rental is exactly what is needed for the task in hand.

We form relationships with our customers and support them every step of the way, especially in after-sales care. This is why we have many customers who we are proud to have been serving for over 20 years – no mean feat in an industry as competitive as AV.

In all our projects, we follow our health & safety manual, to ensure our installation will go smooth without any accidents or damages.

Advanced looks for sustainable audio visual technologies that not only help the environment, but also help increase our clients’ success. We consider both operational and capital costs when designing our AV solutions in line with our Green AV program.


100% Customer Satisfaction

In the past 6 quarters our quality feedback scores have continually improved to a 10/10 rating, but our belief is that we are only as good as our last happy customer, so we strive for perfection in every single project we undertake. We will go above and beyond to ensure our customers have a happy experience working with Advanced.

Our installation team has a 25 point checklist that must be completed at the end of every installation. Because of our commitment to after sales care, we never deem a project complete; but only after all these 25 points have been ticked-off do we consider the project user-ready.

In addition, we also ask for the customer to rate their satisfaction with our work and continually strive for a perfect rating.

For these reasons, projects planned and executed by Advanced are second to none. And that is why our clients do not hesitate to recommend our services to other companies. See for yourself in our testimonials section.

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We are constantly improving our processes to deliver the best to our customers. Our aim is to exceed our clients’ expectations. We go beyond simply installing a screen and a projector in a corporate boardroom. We offer training to make sure our clients are aware of the full potential of their system, and offer consultancy on audiovisual projects as well as on corporate, education and government tenders.

“Certification is very important at Advanced. It’s what separates an average AV company from an extraordinary company like ours. Nearly every employee is CTS certified, from engineers to sales people, to warehousemen.”

– Wayne Derby, VP of Engineering

One of our constant challenges is to search the AV market for leading edge products and systems that reflect what the future in AV will be. .


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