MagicInfo Digital Signage Software

A large format display can be more than just a vehicle for your company’s messaging. It can be a professional business solution that connects you to a wide variety of content so your messaging is as impactful as possible.

The Samsung MagicInfo software has been optimized for Samsung Large Format Displays to provide the superior technology solution to help grow your business or deliver your message in a cost effective manner.  The software enables a streamlined workflow and   establishes an intuitive content management process from a centralized or remote location.

The MagicInfo-i Premium version of software is an optimized solution specifically designed for the Samsung displays. It provides precise control and special device management capabilities of the display that is not possible by any other software package. This powerful solution is also cost effective since additional software does not need to be purchase for maximum performance.

The MagicInfo-i Premium Server version of software is a powerful web-based tool that’s used to manage and deploy content from anywhere in the world. It provides our customers with an efficient, streamlined way to display information on a large scale. The servers can be accessed through a web browser to remotely control devices and administer users. With multi-user capabilities, the MagicInfo-i Premium Server is extremely flexible and scalable so that it can accommodate a wide range of users and address an even wider range of uses. A user-friendly interface provides an easy way for customers to set-up scheduling through Windows Internet Explorer. Plus, enhanced compatibility between the Author/Client, enables the server to provide easier and more precise control and management.

Users can create customized messaging with the MagicInfo-i Premium Author. This bundled program provides users with a simple way to create content without having to purchase a separate program. It can help develop effective displays and interactive content by assembling a wide range of design elements, such as Shape, FLASH, Image, Input Source, Sound, and Video, all through a single, integrated server. MagicInfo-i Premium Author provides a blank canvas that can be tailored to display the most relevant and effective content for your audience. What’s more, the MagicInfo-i Premium Author has an easy-to-use interface and provides a streamlined way to search for and publish the appropriate content.

And lastly, the Samsung MagicInfo-i Premium Client provides an efficient way to display the content created with the MagicInfo-i Premium Author tool or other mul­timedia content housed in other servers of local area networks. This optimized application provides users with a number of unique user-friendly features like playback with various effects, different display modes, and other functions that will enhance the display of the content. Users can control the publishing schedule of the content by accessing the centralized server or local USB Memory.