AV / IT Equipment Racks and Accessories

As an AV solutions company, Advanced offers a complete line up of application specific, equipment mounting and racking solutions.  Whether it be rolling racks that easily move to where they are needed and look great in visible locations or ‘half width’ racks to support compact equipment, we have a solution for you.  All of our rack systems are engineered for efficient, effective integration and installation and normally ship quickly from our stock holdings.

Our extensive selection of products includes steel rack enclosures, monitoring consoles, cable management products, audio and video studio and technical furniture, power protection and distribution products, cooling products, and related accessories.

Our equipment racking systems are designed to live in the most extreme environments or IT server rooms.  As such, all of our products are engineered to maximize system reliability and to meet the needs of users; from thermal considerations and built-in cable management on our racks and enclosures, to pre-installed washers on our rack screws.

We also offer related product lines that together form complete solutions for the rest of your AV infrastructure including power monitoring and protection, furniture based racking systems, and wiremold products such as floor boxes, raceways and architectural columns.

Speak with one of our engineers today to help with a rack layout drawing or 3D layout diagram of your room and equipment racking system.