Document Cameras

A visual learner’s dream

The document camera which is also known as a visual presenter, visualizer  or digital overhead, is an AV product used to capture images in real time for displaying on a larger screen or interactive SMART Board to a large audience.  A document camera is able to magnify and project the images of live, three dimensional objects as well as transparencies.

This allows a teacher, lecturer or presenter to write on a sheet of paper or to display a two or three-dimensional object while the audience watches. The camera takes the picture which in turn produces a live picture using a projector.  Different types of document cameras allow great flexibility in terms of placement of objects.  Larger objects, for example, can simply be placed in front of the camera and the camera rotated as necessary or a ceiling mounted document camera can also be used to allow a larger working space to be used.

The most common applications that we see for a document camera to be used include:

  • Simple presentation of material in meetings, conferences and training sessions
  • Classrooms or lecture halls
  • Presentation of evidence in legal settings or courtrooms
  • Various medical applications including telemedicine and display of x-rays
  • Videoconferencing and telepresence meetings

At Advanced we have been offering document camera solutions for almost 20 years so we have the expertise to explain to you not only the various product options available but also offer independent technical advice.  Our experienced team offers training courses to help users become proficient in using their document camera in addition to technical advice on how best to integrate it with your existing projector or interactive SMARTboard.

We work directly with all the leading document camera manufacturers in the world and offer special pricing for our Education, Government and Corporate customers.

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