AV Cables

Advanced is an established supplier of electronic cable, wiring and accessories across a broad range of industries including the security, automation, intercommunications and telecommunications sectors.

We offer a large selection of computer, video and audio cabling and connectivity solutions at great prices while always providing you with unequaled support and service.  Included in our cabling line are true professional grade HDMI Cables, VGA Cables, Plenum Cables, DisplayPort Cables, Splitters, Switchers and much more.

High quality digital video and audio are possible with our true HDMI certified cables. Manufactured to proper standards they provide true signal pass for audio and video technology called “high-bandwidth Transition Minimized Differential Signalling” (TMDS), which allows the viewing of uncompressed digital video with integrated audio signals on newer DVD players, HDTV’s and equipped Receivers.

We are also pleased to introduce a brand new series of environmentally responsible quality cables for modest cost. Together with our manufacturing partners we now offer a series of audio and video cable that has the goal of providing A/V performance while contributing to the maintenance rather than the degradation of the unique balance of our planet. Products (and the production process) that are RoHS certified (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) are far better than previous standards. The RoHS directive removes potentially harmful materials (such as lead) from the production process as well. Quality design, construction and choice of base materials will provide many years of signal transfer integrity to your components.

Our cabling solutions the backbone of multi-million dollar computer networks, digital signage systems, interactive boardrooms, broadcast studios, multimedia classrooms, event stages and other critical applications.  Contact us today to learn more.