Be anywhere, anytime. Video collaboration is the new standard in communication. Location no longer limits you, when you can access video anywhere.

Videoconferencing Products Video conferences used to be major events requiring a special room and an IT team nearby to start the conference. Now it is as easy as pushing a button. It's easy enough for hospital emergency room staff to use so doctors can connect with their patients. Or for teachers in a lecture hall, so they can touch a screen and start educating. Or in a conference a courtroom...on the manufacturing floor...or on a oil rig. Across environments and industries, video is becoming the new communication standard. From the boardroom to the browser, from the conference table to the tablet, video connects us all with a visual lifeline. Meet, debate, consult, decide, plan, instruct, agree, sell, create—collaborate—face-to-face from around the corner to around the world. With any group of people, anywhere, in HD enterprise-grade quality that's as lifelike as being there.

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