LPD Displays

Innovative LPD technology creates digital display solutions that impact the next generation of large format display technology.

Laser Phosphor Display, or LPD, is the groundbreaking display technology and large format display platform invented by Prysm. It is the core of all Prysm Digital Display Solutions, and to many, it represents the next generation of large format digital displays. LPD consists of 3 main parts: the Laser Engine, the Laser Processor, and the Phosphor Panel.

Prysm LPD Videowall at GELPD uses a patented laser engine and a phosphor panel to create stunning, lifesize images with low-power, solid-state lasers. Fundamentally different than LED- and LCD-based technologies, LPD solutions—packaged configurations containing LPD technology and other components—are designed to a human scale and offer brilliant image quality, unmatched viewing angles, and the industry’s smallest environmental footprint. Compared to other digital technologies, Prysm’s LPD technology has the lowest total cost of ownership and offers highly-competitive features, benefits and usage possibilities.

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