As the leading provider in Canada who has implemented more SMART solutions than any other organization, we have the right solutions for extraordinary collaboration.  With visual collaboration tools from SMART Technologies, people collaborate in visual and interactive ways whether they are in the same room or in workspaces around the world.

There is no limit to your teams' potential if they are enabled to collaborate freely and naturally – without the boundaries of traditional tools or distance.  With solutions from Advanced and SMART, your teams will be able to share ideas and solve issues.  And best of all, you'll give people the ability to collaborate wherever, whenever and however they need to.

Advanced has worked with leading organizations across Canada such as GE, Microsoft, CIBC, St. Joseph’s Healthcare, Department of National Defence and the RCMP to deploy SMART solutions to help their processes.  We’ve helped our customers find innovative ways to make more informed decisions, reduce costs, engage clients and stakeholders and train personnel – all by making it easier to share information and communicate ideas.

For more information on SMART Business Solutions, click on the products below or contact us and we will consult with your organization and help with validating what visual collaboration tools will be the best fit for you.

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