Green AV by design is what we do.  We recognize our corporate social responsibility, and actively design and promote solutions that protect our environment.

Green AV often helps our clients save considerable money with their technology investment.  In particular capital cost vs. operational cost is a key consideration on all our system designs, and we actively work with our customers to select the right balance for their needs.

For example, we promote innovative display technologies, such as Prysm’s LPD (Laser Phosphor Display), that consume a tenth of the power of other display technologies, and in turn save our customers thousands of dollars in operational costs over the products life and cuts down on carbon emissions.  In a recent project with GE Digital Energy we installed a 175 tile Prysm video wall that will save them over $1,200,000 in operational costs over the next ten years compared to other display technologies.  The system will also save over 2,416 tons of green house gases!

Advanced also focuses on SMART visual collaboration solutions and video conferencing systems that allow people to connect and collaborate anywhere in the world.  These technologies save carbon emissions from travel, reduce travel budgets, promote corporate branding, increase meeting efficiencies, and often create competitive advantages.

We’ve participated in numerous trade shows (e.g. Green Build) promoting our green AV solutions to clients, and send our sales and engineering teams on training courses focusing on IT and AV systems for green building design.  If you are working on a LEED certified new building, and would like assistance on AV technologies that can help reduce the carbon impact from the building get in touch with Advanced today.

Our Green AV Recycling Program at Advanced gives our customers peace of mind when disposing of their electronic waste.  Advanced will remove and recycle electronic equipment, and even has a specialist recycling program for used projector lamps and bulbs.  Advanced is proud to be the first company in Canada to launch a free projector lamp recycling program.

Advanced is committed to promoting sustainability practices within our own organization and operations.  This is achieved by:

  • Green Policy Team
  • Using our video conferencing systems and visual collaboration tools from SMART as frequently as possible
  • Promoting the use of digital paper, digital annotation tools and documents
  • Recycling program within our office for all paper products and electronics
  • Using recycled products including paper and paper towels
  • Timers to shut-off lighting and heating/cooling systems when staff are not in the offices
  • Promoting the use of virtual working and ‘hot-desking’ where possible

For more information our Green AV initiative, including audio visual solutions that reduce environmental impact, please get in touch with our Green AV group at